Hi, I'm Erin! 

I’m a graphic designer with a strong background in layout design, typography, and production work. I also love making things by hand. Working in an advertising studio for ten years has given me experience with building all types of presentation materials. I’ve mocked up mailers, books, and boxes for Infiniti and Acura, built an in-house sample pop-up store out of paper and gator board while pitching to Crate and Barrel, and even made piñatas for Patrón. 

Why hire me? 

Events, particularly weddings, are my passion. I love planning and designing every little detail that goes into them. I have been collecting Martha Stewart Weddings magazines since I was 16 years old. I am extremely organized and excited to help brides and grooms bring their dreams to life. Planning, designing, and executing events comes naturally to me. I love planning so much that the idea of taking my work home with me sounds like fun. 

I love to design invitations, menus, guest books, logos, and monograms.

I can illustrate by hand or computer; and I know how to use programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I also know how to set up lighting for photo shoots. When working with clients, I like to put a deck together in which I collect inspiration and show examples to help them see things they may not be able to envision on their own. I can also mock up event spaces in Photoshop to further help clients and vendors visualize an idea. I can craft almost anything by hand, including mocking up invitations, stationery, or booklets to give clients an idea of what something will look like before it's printed. I can build photo booth walls, make piñatas, and mount posters on foam core. I can also make welcome baskets, custom cake toppers, “Just married” signs, and flower arrangements. I feel confident that I could build just about anything with the right materials.

I know my way around Los Angeles, the craft store, and Home Depot. I could procure anything, whether it be in the city or on the Internet, and I am familiar with several vendors in the wedding industry. Aside from weddings, some of my favorite things are food, culture, language, and being silly. I love making things fun. I would cover everything I do with rainbow sprinkles, happiness, and glitter if I could.