Sinclair and Moore Wedding Workshop Update

I have been meaning to share this post for such a long time, but have been so incredibly busy that I haven’t had a chance. A few months ago, Martha Stewart Weddings shared the wedding we worked on at the Sinclair and Moore Workshop. I couldn’t share the images until now and I am so excited to show you. Working with Steve and his team was such an incredible experience and I made a lot of new friends in the process. Revisiting this day was so much fun! Sinclair and Moore has new workshops coming up for 2019 and I highly recommend going. The photos below are by KT Merry and Scott O’Malley

Vero Workshop

At the end of last year I was lucky enough to win a seat at the Vero Workshop. It was held on Cumberland Island in Georgia. I got to stay at the Greyfield Inn and spend the week with the best group of women. Not only that, but I got a chance to learn from industry leaders like Pearl and Godiva, Wedding Sparrow, KT Merry, and Kelly Berry. What an incredible week full of memories I will cherish forever! Below are some of the photos I took at the Workshop.

Sinclair and Moore Workshop

Last fall I had the pleasure of attending the Sinclair and Moore workshop. It was such a fun week and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about wedding planning and floral design. I received the photos yesterday! Below are a few, including Steve's beautiful studio space and the gorgeous gifts we received on our first day of class. The photos were taken by the very talented Scott O'Malley

Riaa's 50th birthday celebration

Charlie and I were so thrilled when her aunt, who is also like my mother in law, decided to spend her 50th birthday with us. We quickly planned a surprise birthday breakfast on our patio for her. The night before, we took her to Scopa, where we presented her with the invitation I designed at the end of dinner. 

The next morning I set up the patio while Riaa slept and Charlie got the food ready. Breakfast consisted of biscuits and cake made from scratch, fresh fruit, vegan sausage, home made salsa, and fresh squeezed orange juice. 

I designed and produced the menus, place cards, favors, and place settings. I also made the flower arrangement. You won't see any pictures of us. We enjoyed breakfast on the patio in our pajamas! 


Our not so big and fat Indian wedding.

Just four days before, Charlie decided she wanted to have an Indian wedding to mark the occasion of our first anniversary. We found the only Hindu priest in L.A. who would tie a gay couple, designed an invitation, and bought all the marigolds we could find. We even lucked out when our friend Peyton, of Paint the Sun Photography, happened to be in town and agreed to document the occasion. Did I mention we also worked our full time jobs in between putting it all together? 

Charlie wanted the day to include as much of her upbringing as possible. She started prepping the food Friday night and didn't stop cooking until just minutes before the ceremony started the following day.  She had me design and build a phira, put the flower arrangements together, and turn our living room into a mandap where the ceremony could take place. 

Since we didn't have a huge budget, I found items around the house to repurpose. We covered the ground in white table cloths, sat on cushions and pillows from the nook in our kitchen, and used decorations from our 2016 wedding in Big Sur. We scattered marigolds everywhere, including the steps leading up to the entrance of our home. 

The evening of the ceremony, we were surrounded by a very intimate group of family and friends who helped us tie our lives together in a beautiful celebration. We felt so much love and happiness when we were showered with rice and rose petals at the end of it all. We finished the night eating the feast my wife had prepared for us. Three curries, roti, rice pudding, and the fruits and desserts used in the ceremony. It was the perfect way to celebrate our love and our first anniversary together.